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Our Classes

Each Class Including...

Our signature class includes – Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Stretching, Qi gong, Breathwork, and Qi Meditation

– All you need for holistic well-being.

1. Qi Stretching for Flexibility

After a brief warm-up, you will engage in meridian stretching to improve circulation, strength, and flexibility, and relax the mind. This will be followed by core strengthening and breathing exercises to build up energy.


2. Qi Gong for Energy & Balance

Qigong exercises emphasize energy circulation, breathing, balance, and concentration. Over time, you can develop an awareness of your own energy, feeling physically stronger, calmer, and more clear-minded.

3. Yoga Breathwork

Managing your breath can help you accumulate energy, stimulate your body’s natural ability to restore and recharge, and increase concentration and awareness. Its benefits extend beyond the classroom to improve your day and sleep at night.


4. Meditation session

Meditation is the practice of being present in awareness where you want instead of being controlled by memories and habits. It helps you better know yourself and develop mental clarity and power to achieve your goals.

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